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Blumberg Grain’s agricultural roots reach back to the 1800′s, and to the 1900′s, when Philip Blumberg’s family owned thousands of acres of pecans, mango groves and tomatoes. Today, we are proud to help entire nations to manage their food supply with greater safety and security.

Currently, tens of billions of tons of crop yields globally – up to 50% – are lost every year due to the lack of proper storage facilities. Much imported food is also going to waste.

Blumberg Grain offers a total solution that begins with helping nations to assess their food safety and security issues. We propose turnkey solutions with management support designed to bring post harvest crop losses down. Our storage systems provide a country with the ability to market time delivery of their agricultural products to market. We can provide assistance to securing support financing for acquisition of our state-of-the-art refrigerated and dry food storage systems. Our company then builds the units, installs them, and manages their operation.

Our warehouses are prefabricated and pre-engineered to be the most effective and cost efficient solution for food storage available in the market.

From our basic dry storage unit for grains and dry goods to our refrigerated and gas displacement systems for produce and meat, extending useful life of perishables by up to 6 months, to our independent energy supply to insure primary or backup operations power for our warehouses and systems; to our state of the art Network Management Services which enables full turnkey services for food chain safety, Blumberg Grain provides the most responsive solutions to food safety and security.

Options include providing a networked system of security including controlled secured access and warehouse surveillance systems; interactive sensor monitors and controls for temperature, humidity, gas monitoring and other variables tied to mechanical and forced venting; controlled atmosphere through refrigeration and nitrogen displacement systems; an inventory management system with voucher capability; and strategic re-stockpiling of key food stuffs through hedged forward contracts assuring food supply and food inventory levels.

As a commitment to the countries that we work in, we employ a work force that is at least 70% local, and provide them with skills training and support.

Up to 50% of annual crop yields are wasted or lost.